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Future doctors, the country needs you – PH VP Robredo

we need you

It’s common to hear aspiring doctors from the Philippines aiming to migrate to countries like the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom to practice their respective degrees and specialisations.

Among the primary reasons would be better career opportunities and the chance to earn a higher salary than what their home country can offer. Philippine Vice President, Leni Robredo, would like future Filipino doctors to reconsider this line of thinking.

During her speech last Saturday at the 107th graduation rites of the UP College of Medicine (UPCM), and Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Post Grad Internship Program, Robredo stirred on the graduates serving the country first.

“The country needs you more than you know. I encourage all of you to take RSA (Return Service Agreement) to heart, use it to give service that counts,” said Robredo, encouraging the graduating class to “build a healthy nation.”

“Your hands and your heart, when they work together, save lives and generations,” she adds.

The vice-president also put emphasis on her future plans, saying, “We have the models to maximize our resources so that for every unit of it—whether you are talking about money, equipment, clinics, or skills—there will be more Filipinos with better health.”

She ended her speech on a very hopeful note, “When we are given the chance to serve, let’s grab it.”

Prior to the speech, Robredo had already expressed her concerns and plans for the healthcare sector during her inauguration speech last June 30.

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Dr. Richel’s heart is in public and community health. Following his specialty training in Internal Medicine he has worked with numerous government hospitals in the Philippines advocating healthy lifestyle practices and the politics of upgrading the quality of care among government hospitals. He focuses much of his attention on the minority and underserved populations of his community, while providing health education and promoting good health and wellness through preventive health practices. Presently, he serves as an ER physician in a Medical Center in Saudi Arabia and provides BLS-ACLS trainings. Dr. Richel is a man of many talents as a photographic artist, videographer, webmaster, blogger, lecturer and physician. He is a physician by training but largely a photographer by passion. He has traveled much of the world gathering many photos of his experiences. From this trip he has created different websites containing his photography collection. He says the primary intention of his photography simply involves, "Sharing the world with the world, one photo at a time."

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