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How I obtained my driver’s license in the Kingdom

How I obtained my driver’s license in the Kingdom

Having a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia is an absolute must before you can drive a car. Let me now share with you my experience and how I obtained it in the hopes that you might get something out of it.

Before anything else, you will be exempt from driving school if you have a driver’s license in your country of origin; just be sure you have the original license with you and not just a photocopy because they will inspect this later. Have the license translated to Arabic in any accredited translation offices.

The first step is to request an introduction or a referral letter from your company with the chamber of commerce attestation stamp on it, which will cost you SAR 25. Fill out an application form and if possible, ask your sponsor for help because the form is in Arabic. Photocopy your Iqama and passport then affix 2 photographs, the translated driver’s license if you have one, and submit it to the police. They will verify your application and documents and give approval for the next step.

At this point, you will take this form (already stamped), to any hospital or dispensary and get your blood test, medical and eye examination. Without the police approval mentioned earlier, no hospital or dispensary will do the blood test and medical examination.

Once you complete your medical examination, granting you have good visual acuity (or proper corrective lenses), you will have to submit the necessary documents to the police once again. Don’t forget to attach the blood result and the invoice of the medical examination. Sometimes, they only pay attention to the eye examination.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior Driving License

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior Driving License

The police will then give you approval to proceed to the driving school. Take your documents to the driving school and pay SAR 435. You are now officially a student of the driving school.

Since I have a driver’s license from the Philippines, I did not need to attend a driving school. When I submitted my documents to the police after medical clearance, that very same day they let me observe students practice driving, especially reverse parking. They let me ride with one of their students around the track—good thing “kabayan yung na assign sa akin kaya tanong ako nang tanong.” I learned a number of tips from him and I try to remember all salient parameters he mentioned starting from wearing a seat belt prior to driving, using signal light when turning, never forgetting to use hazard lights when driving in reverse, and locking the hand break at a stop.

After that short trip, the instructor told me to come back in the afternoon to attend a short class. This will be a three-hour class in which you will be taught the basics of driving and the different traffic signs. Attend the class and listen very carefully and also read all the things written on the chart they give you during the class. They will again sign your file and schedule your driving test, which is usually done in the morning.

Pay attention closely to the reverse lockout ring around the shift lever, allowing you to select reverse;

Now, here’s the actual driving. You have to drive the car for some meters along the driving range using the left and right signal lights. You will do some simple reverse driving; do not forget to turn on the hazard light. They usually use a Kia or Hyundai model with manual gears, not automatic. Pay attention closely to the reverse lockout ring around the shift lever, allowing you to select reverse; many applicants failed starting from there because they didn’t know this mechanism. They often hit the first gear. Actually, it was easy if you are familiar with it. I was able to drive the car in reverse and park it within a rectangular box marked on the ground. All four tires should be within the box. If you have followed all the rules like wearing your seat belt, giving appropriate indications, locking the hand brake, and not hitting the poles on each parking space, then you are through with the driving test.

Your file will be given back to you and you may then proceed to the computer room for the exam. You know you failed if they do not give you your file. If you fail, you have to do the actual driving test a second time. You are allowed to take it twice and if you fail again, you have to go to a driving school. So you’d better practice before you take the actual driving test. Remember, driving school costs SAR 435, and that’s not counting the days you have to be present there for more than 3 weeks. You can expedite the process by attending morning and afternoon sessions. I think you have a minimum number of attendances to satisfy.

For obtaining a Saudi license.

Sample Exam. For obtaining a Saudi license. The approved curriculum by the Ministry of Interior.

The next part is the computer test. There are 20 multiple choice questions to answer. If you answer even one of the first 10 questions wrong, then you are disqualified and the computer will lock and turn off, not allowing you to answer the remaining questions. If you have answered the first ten questions correctly, you will have to answer at least 5 out of the remaining 10 questions correctly. The computer will congratulate you for passing the exam. Your file will be countersigned by the officer-in-charge and advised for bank payment.

Take this file to Riyadh Bank and pay SR400. Attach the receipt along with your file and submit it back to the police. They will print your driver’s license card for you in less than 15 minutes.

The Driver's Manual

The Driver’s Manual – For Obtaining a Saudi Driving License. The approved Curriculum by the Ministry of Interior

We started around 70 applicants. We came there very early in the morning. Around 40 of us passed the actual driving test. Only 20 of us were able to pass the computer test; you’d better memorize all the traffic signs and if possible, read the 130-page “Driver’s Manual,” which is given to you during the application.

Obtaining a driver’s license is a privilege not a right; it entails a declared acceptance to comply with the traffic rules and regulations to maintain safety and security of our roads.

I hope this will help.

How I obtained my driver's license in the Kingdom

How I obtained my driver’s license in the Kingdom

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Dr. Richel’s heart is in public and community health. Following his specialty training in Internal Medicine he has worked with numerous government hospitals in the Philippines advocating healthy lifestyle practices and the politics of upgrading the quality of care among government hospitals. He focuses much of his attention on the minority and underserved populations of his community, while providing health education and promoting good health and wellness through preventive health practices. Presently, he serves as an ER physician in a Medical Center in Saudi Arabia and provides BLS-ACLS trainings. Dr. Richel is a man of many talents as a photographic artist, videographer, webmaster, blogger, lecturer and physician. He is a physician by training but largely a photographer by passion. He has traveled much of the world gathering many photos of his experiences. From this trip he has created different websites containing his photography collection. He says the primary intention of his photography simply involves, "Sharing the world with the world, one photo at a time."

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18 Responses to "How I obtained my driver’s license in the Kingdom"

  1. pencil PRO says:

    It was interesting to hear how they license people–very different from the U.S., but similar in many ways too.

    Interesting read.

    1. Marzawan says:

      i was shock when i was failed in this process i dont know why…

      1. Mon says:

        One of the reason might be is language barrier. For example, if you take schooling but don’t understand Arabic, that sometimes very disappointing. Also the English translation of the brochures were not good but i found one which i think better and clearer to understand. Check this link

  2. zaid says:

    bt saudi licence is intrnational or

  3. Doubleday says:

    I believe that is one of the such a lot vital information for me. And i am happy reading your article. But want to commentary on some general things, The website style is great, the articles is actually excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  4. This information is somewhat no longer applicable since the introduction or the referral letter from your company with the chamber of commerce attestation stamp on it, which will cost you SAR 25 is NO LONGER REQUIRED OR NECESSARY so do not bother to get one from your HR Department to avoid wasting your time, money and energy!

  5. HK says:

    Thank you very much for such an informative information, let me tell you one thing as far as my knowledge is concerned now you don’t need to submit the letter from the company or from chamber of commerce attested, as i took my two friends to Dallah driving school in Jeddah they took the company letter and stamped but none of any one asked the letter, –See, the procedure for getting driving license in the Saudi Arabia is not difficult trust me, just come to the kingdom , bring your driving license from your country and go to the school trust me in one or 2 days you will get your license in your hand. ——–I was holding UAE driving license with me and i get it converted with in few hours only without giving any test or any thing, i just submit my 2 pics along with the application form(Form is available free of cost in side the information counter in dallah driving school, Jeddah)and they took my medical , and that’s all, i get my license converted .. so please do not confuse , do not talk with any one outside i mean agents, just relax and go inside..i think you all are clear what i said..:)best of luck ..cheers

  6. Shariq says:

    I went to dallah driving school in jeddah 2 days ago. the company letter attested from the chamber of commerce is no longer required.
    Be there at 7:00. the gate will open at 7:30. i have my driving license from my country so they charge 75 riyal for the translation.

    counter to fill the form in arabic/file/payment for driving license are inside the building just adjacent to the main gate so don’t bother to go with the people wandering outside and trying to make money out of every one. Form is available from counter #1. it’s a colored form. you will be needing 4 or 5 photographs. 1 for the form and they will keep the 4 for the file (no need to purchase the green file). there is photo booth available inside the building adjacent to the gate.

    if you clear the test then you need to pay 100 riyal and they will call you at 4:00 in the evening for 2 hour session and next day you need to appear for the final driving test and computer test at gate no 2, 7:00 AM sharp in the morning. i was no. 2 for the test and the policeman tried to confuse the first candidate while driving and failed him. i was also failed. so they asked me to come to counter #7 next day, where they put another stamp on my slip to come for final test and computer test again after one week and they did not charge any thing for this.

    my advice for the final test is as soon as you see a left or right turn just ask the policeman where he wants you to go else he will ask you to make a turn at the last moment when it is impossible to turn the car.

  7. Shariq says:

    oh by the way, please remember that you need to DONATE the blood so don’t go their without the break fast else you will be send outside to the cafeteria to eat something and then they will take your blood.

  8. venkat says:

    Cna anyone suggest how to get a driving license in Riyadh directly by paying money. Since the amount is high I dont want to take chances.

    Please advice

  9. escudo says:

    hello can anyone help me to get drivers license here in saudi. i failed 3 times already for my driving 3 times. im willing to pay just to get my drivers license here because i really need it. pls send me email at

  10. Roy says:

    I really Need help to get saudi driver licensed and willing to pay….
    thanks pls contact me in my email

  11. ron says:

    Any body can help me to get driving license in riyadh, i need someone that can help me cause i dont have driving licence in my country…

  12. Smooth says:

    There are some changes in the process i think. I went to Dallah along Palestine Street in Jeddah last December 08, 2014 at 10 am together with the HR representative of my sponsor. After presenting my Iqama and my PH license they gave me a form which my sponsor filled up in Arabic it includes my phone number and blood type then he told me to get medical test which is just an eye exam, after rightly reading the comb shape object direction I got my form stamped. After that we go for the license translation which cost you 75SR then to the initial driving test outside. The test is just basic driving, they will observe you in using brakes and shifting gear, etc. After passing the test I paid 100SR at the counter which scheduled me for the 2 hour seminar that day (4-6PM). After attending the seminar they told me to get back tomorrow at 7AM for the final driving and computer test.

    Final driving test are consist with the dreaded 8 and X shaped tract, you must drive at this track without touching the gutter (Car is Toyota Camry with gear the same with the author). Police will be sitting beside you so please focus and don’t get nervous. When you pass the driving test he will tell you to go to number 8 station to take computer exam. Exam is multiple choice in 20 items, 15 answer must be right or else the touch-screen computer will be locked. After this I paid for 250SR for 5 years (It must be 200, I don’t know where is 50SR for). I got my Saudi Driver’s License yesterday at 1PM 🙂

  13. needed says:

    Pls. I need help To learn driving. Some one na pinoy na pweding mag teach ng driving? Ng d2 ako sa jeddah.

  14. abdul says:

    can a one eyed person able to get a saudi driving licence

  15. Mon says:

    Great article. You may download a copy of saudi Arabia Drivers manual Here

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