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Stop Crying or I’ll Cry Too!

I nearly cried this morning when one of my male patients bursted into tears in front of me. I saw him only yesterday and for some reason he was back again this time with a new complaint.  Because I needed an interpreter in order to know his complaint, it was possible i missed something in the history.

However as I pay particular attention to extracting a good history, I was somewhat exasperated when what he complained about this time was something I specifically asked him yesterday which he denied having.  Especially when he said he had felt it for a week already.  I can’t remember what I said but I suddenly stopped when I saw his eyes filled with tears.  The interpreter said that the patient’s medical condition was not really a problem, but he has just been back for two months from a vacation because he got married and now he wants to go home.

He was hoping I could issue a medical report so he can be released from his contract.  I totally understand what missing a loved one who is very far away feels like. Especially if you are not happy being where you are or doing what you are doing.  I told him I have left 3 little kids back home and I used to cry most of the time but when I think of what my being here in KSA means for us financially,  it gives me comfort. I told him to think of the money he is able to send back to his wife, and hopefully save enough in the next few years so he won’t need  to do hard labor here in KSA.

I don’t know if my words gave him comfort but he was still wiping away his tears when he left.  I felt sorry for him. I remember again the pain of being apart from my children.  I don’t know if it equates with being apart from ones spouse but maybe his pain is greater, after all I am a doctor and he is a labourer.  That thought brought tears to my eyes.

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