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Filipino Doctors in KSA » experience, Most Read » Hospital not giving salary for 5 months.

Hospital not giving salary for 5 months.

Filipino doctors and nurses working in one of the hospitals in Jubail KSA are now despairing because salary have not yet been given for the past three months. This is also true for Doctors of other nationalities who have no salary for 4-5 months.

Employees of the said hospital are complaining of poor management. In one year not even one staff meeting had been called. The General Manager is rarely seen and when he is in, he locks himself inside his office while employees wait outside for a chance to talk to him.

More often than not the door opens so he can leave hurriedly from the hospital to wherever he is going that appears to be more important.

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One Response to "Hospital not giving salary for 5 months."

  1. Bahadur says:

    I thought this things only happens to laborers.

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