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It’s hot and humid

It’s very hot and humid. I went out of our flat down 2 floors and back and my shirt got damp with sweat. I think of the workers labouring under the hot sun, and I say to myself I have no right to complain.

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Dr. Richel’s heart is in public and community health. Following his specialty training in Internal Medicine he has worked with numerous government hospitals in the Philippines advocating healthy lifestyle practices and the politics of upgrading the quality of care among government hospitals. He focuses much of his attention on the minority and underserved populations of his community, while providing health education and promoting good health and wellness through preventive health practices. Presently, he serves as an ER physician in a Medical Center in Saudi Arabia and provides BLS-ACLS trainings. Dr. Richel is a man of many talents as a photographic artist, videographer, webmaster, blogger, lecturer and physician. He is a physician by training but largely a photographer by passion. He has traveled much of the world gathering many photos of his experiences. From this trip he has created different websites containing his photography collection. He says the primary intention of his photography simply involves, "Sharing the world with the world, one photo at a time."

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  1. Abubakheer says:

    In Saudi Arabia, temperatures from May to September usually rise very high and this is one of the few areas of the world where temperatures above 48° C/120° F are not unusual.

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